Resource Library

Here you will find a collection of resources on a wide range of topics from experts around the world. We'll be adding to the library regularly!

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*NEW* IBA Presentation 

Link to Hannah's Presentation from the Iowa Bandmasters Association Annual Conference in Des Moines, IA, May 13th, 2022

Music Resource Guide for Students

A great place to start! Click the link below to find a variety of resources on music theory, secondhand instruments, practice resources, online apps, music scholarships, grants, and music organizations.

Saxophone Care and Maintenance

A brief video on basic care and maintenance from Yamaha Music

Beginning Saxophone Care with Dr. Preston Duncan

Listening Recommendations

Playlists COMING SOON! 

Wellness and Injury Prevention

A video series on injury prevention, stretching, hearing health, meditation, and more from the University of Michigan

Book Recommendation: Playing Less Hurt by Janet Horvath

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Check out to find lots of articles and studies on overcoming performance anxiety and developing effective practice strategies. Here's one to start:

9 Performance Anxiety Tips That Every Musician Should Know

Audition Preparation

Instructional Videos

Taking it From the Top with Jeffrey Leung

The Saxophone Standard by the United States Army Field Band

Lessons with Dr. Eugene Rousseau

Music Theory

A fun way to learn music theory basics!

Practice on your phone or tablet with the Tenuto app.